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Why You Should Remove Dangerous/Hazardous Trees From Your Landscape

Any tree with dead limbs, disease, or decay is a threat to life and property. Heavy rainfall, snowfall, or high winds will bring the tree or portions of the tree, crashing down. Dangerous trees should be removed from the landscape before they cause harm.

Sometimes a healthy tree becomes a hazard in the landscape and needs to be removed to prevent property damage. It’s never easy to decide to remove a tree in the landscape and these are a few reasons why you should remove a dangerous/hazardous tree from your landscape.

Dead or Diseased Tree

Storms, nearby construction, and disease are some of the things that can weaken or kill a mature tree. A dead or diseased tree is coming down sooner or later, and it’s best to have it removed professionally so damage to people and property will be prevented.

Insect Infestation

Sometimes insects take over a tree and there’s no way to get rid of the infestation. The Emerald Ash Borer has killed thousands of ash trees across the country and there’s very little that can be done to stop them from infesting an ash tree and killing it.
Once a borer or beetle variety has infested a tree in your landscape, it becomes a hazardous tree and should be removed.

Limits Sight

Trees that limit sight as you exit or enter your property pose a danger and should be removed. Having limited sight due to tree limbs can cause an automobile accident.
Fallen leaves on the roadway become slick after a rain and can cause an automobile accident. Overhanging tree limbs can cause damage to automobile paint, and a limb could break off and fall on a passing car causing injury.

Many Reasons

There are many reasons to remove a dangerous/hazardous tree from your property. A good gauge to use when deciding to have to tree removed is too look around and ask yourself ‘what is this tree hurting?’. If it’s hurting the lawn, house foundation or roof, concrete walkway/driveway, limits visibility, is dead, diseased, or pest-infested, it’s time to have the tree removed.

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