Hydroponic Indoor Growing System

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  • High quality: Thick quality Hydroponics grower/cloner kit/seed starter roots your seeds, cuttings, or little plants fast and easily with environmental-friendly materials.
  • Considerate design: The basin cover and planting basket are made from special material, preventing light from entering the basic to reduce the growth of green alga. The buoy can be inserted through a hollow cylindrical hole, to show the nutrient solution level to remind you to add some solution or water.
  • Principle of growth: Hydroponics Grower Kit grows plants 3-5 times faster than soil grown plants (effect by type of plant and solutions). A powerful chug cylinder pumps the air through an air tube and into the basin to provide the perfect amount of moisture needed for sprouting.(If the pump can not work properly, the blue valve is put on backwards. Please just flip it around so the the pump would pump air into the solution )
  • Fit for:This kit includes all parts needed for successful hydroponic growing. (Nutrient solution and plants not included) Great for indoor transplant, cloning, propagation, gardening and laboratory hydroponics(remember to take in inside the room when it's raining)
  • Package included: 1 x Box(The seed not included),1 x Aquarium Air Pump,1 x Buoy,11 x Planting Baskets,11 x Planting Sponges,1 x Buoy Deck,1 x Tweezers,1 x Silicone Hose