About Us

Jonathon Fry RSE - Website Creator and Red Seal Endorsed Horticulturalist
Welcome to Genius Botanics, the passion-project of Jonathon Fry, RSE. Jonathon is a Canadian Horticulturalist who went to Humber College for Horticulture. He graduated at the top of his class and did an apprenticeship as a Landscape Horticulturalist in some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Toronto. He then went on to write the Red Seal Exam for Landscape Horticulture at the Ontario College of Trades and passed with flying colours.

Moving forward, Jonathon ran a Horticulture department in a municipality in Ontario and later as an Arborist. He now works privately as a Climbing Arborist and private Horticultural Consultant. His mission is to educate people on proper plant health care practices.